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Year 2002 : Incorporation of Lifton Magnets®

Comprising a core team of professionals and academicians with solid domain specialization in magnetics, electromagnetics, magneto-optics, nanostructures, metallurgy, geology, product design, mold engineering and applied magnetic material science. 

The simple founding principle : To design and develop unique, practical and affordable magnetic assembly products that work well, last long and solve at least 80% of any company's material handling problems.

With the backing of over 100 combined years of Magnet assembly manufacturing, consulting and design experience, Lifton Magnets® saw a successful trajectory in providing product design, development, manufacturing and consultacy in the field of magnetic material handling and clamping applications.

Year 2005 : Setup of Metrology services

With several successful years of interlocking large clamping devices with the control systems of several leading machine tools, the services division of Lifton Magnets® was next tasked to provide systems integration to metrology devices from Blum-Novotest® on these machines. It was a natural complement to providing leading-edge real-time testing, measurement and correction techniques on the cutting tools and workpieces that are clamped by our magnetic clamps. This synergy offers a one-point solution to our customers to select the best clamping and measuring tools to enhance their productivity and cut processing times.

Lifton Magnets® believes entirely in sales by reference and is proud to enjoy more than 99% customer satisfaction levels and maintains an unusually close working relationship with all its customers. Our motto is simple.

Customer Satisfaction through delivery of commitments - at any cost.

No purchase manager will ever get faulted for choosing a Lifton Magnets® product.

Come. Be a Lifton Magnets® customer and enjoy the difference.


Lifton Magnets® is a customer and people centric organization. We consider people to be valuable assets. We take pains to develop and maintain relationships be they our customers or staff.

We take painstaking effort to find the best person for each position and ensure that Lifton Magnets® is a life long association for them. Because of this, we have high creativity, incomparable work ethic, and zero turnover.

We try to help our people to develop their career through sponsored education, experience, and opportunity. Our people respond adequately by placing the customer above everyone else. After all, its the smile on the faces of our people and our customers that make our day.

Our customer family spans several continents and encompasses a wide spectrum of industries from mold & die manufacturers, shipyards, material handlers, fabrication plants, workshops, offshore engineering plants, job shops, recyclers, food products manufacturers, R&D institutes and educational establishments. 

We have been told by so many of our customers that they find our company to be unique and different. If anything, our uniqueness may stem from our business approach itself. We would rather let a sale go than recommend a solution which is unlikely to work. And if we do recommend a solution and it doesn't seem to work as committed, we would do everything in our power, including losing money to re-build, re-design, re-work and re-install our solution. And since our commitment is our most valuable asset, you can be sure that when we have committed something, it will be delivered. No matter how. 

No wonder then, that many of our customers find us to be unique.


Lifton Magnets® commits substantial resources to support our partners, providing them products, training, professional services and field sales engagement. The Partnership program ensures that Lifton's partners are successful in developing, promoting, and selling our products and solutions. Ultimately, the Alliance Program assists partners in growing their business by incorporating the Lifton Magnets™ product suite into a focused set of magnetic workholding solutions for today's manufacturing environment.

Partnership program levels

Distributor Program : Appointed distributors are trained effectively to take the full suite of Lifton Magnets® products to market. These distributors resell Lifton products, open new geographic or vertical markets. They may sell direct and/or appoint their own channel partners and resellers. Distributors usually enjoy handsome financial incentives in return for greater responsibility and commitment. 
Tech Partner Program : Technology Partners offer Lifton Magnets point solutions that are complimentary to and add value to their own products. They work with Lifton to develop and implement joint marketing, sales and service strategies and tactics. This program ensures that customers receive the best technology components. Examples include OEM Machine Tool manufacturers.

Reseller Program Appointed resellers are effectively trained to take some or all of Lifton products to market. These partners resell Lifton products by opening new geographic or vertical markets. At the strategic level these partners maybe Value Added Resellers (VARS) delivering total solutions.

Referral Partner Program The Lifton Referral Partner Program is a single-level program designed to recognize those individuals that refer qualified sales opportunities to Lifton.

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