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Food-Pharma-Chemicals Manufacturing, extremely fine impurity separation

Apperture - Tunnel Demagnetizer

Strong AC demagnetizing field within the aperture window Best effect is realized by passing suitably sized components inside the aperture to be...

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Table-Top Heavy-Duty demagnetizer

High performance, heavy duty unit with Strong AC demagnetizing field on the SS face. Directly place jobs of upto 400 x 300 x 100mm size on the p...

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Granular Vertical Flow Fine iron impurity extraction Plate Magnet Housing

The Plate Magnet Housing is a complete solution, consisting of Plate Magnets hinged to the housing like doors for easy cleaning in a self-containe...

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Versatile direct contact impurity extraction Plate Magnet

High power, low-cost magnetic plates for inflow separation in chutes for finer grain tramp iron particles which may not be captured by the more r...

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Rotary Grate Process Line fine impurity extraction Hopper Magnet

Unique solution for high volume flow of powdery granules, high viscosity flow of fluids and dry grains with micro impurities. The rotating move...

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Magnet Rods : Versatile, extreme power rare earths for fine impurity separation

Standard Magnetic Rods are of 25.4mm (1 inch) in diameter and any length up to 98” with threaded hole mounting on single or both ends. Other diam...

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Versatile rare earth extreme power direct impact Impurity separation Grate Magnet

Extreme power, readymade grids of round or square profile Comprised of rare earth or ceramic of standard 1" dia or upto 2" dia magnet rods arra...

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Fine iron particle impurity separation Liquid Trap Magnet

Liquid Trap Magnets are ideal for extracting exceptionally fine iron particles from heavy-duty, high-volume liquid & semi-liquid flows. Usuall...

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Fine Iron impurity separation Hopper Drawer Magnet

High power Drawer magnets with standard 75mm to 300mm inlet and outlet in Round or Square profile for easy retrofit to Hoppers Extremely powerf...

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