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EPML-Plate - Electropermanent Steel plate lifting spreader magnet system

Abbreviations and Conventions used Storewide

All Dimensions are in Metric Scale (mm); Conventions and abbreviations used throughout the Store:

L : Length | OD : Outer Dia | ID : Inner Dia | W : Width | H : Height | T : Thickness (also Height) | CS : Countersunk | G : Gauss

The terms Force or Pull Force are used interchangeably throughout the store and refer to the maximum observable or tested force against a 10mm thick grinded finish mild steel plate. The pull force will depreciate with thinner plates or sheets. The Pull force or Force is expressed in lbs, Kg or N.

[10N (Newtons) = approx 1 Kg = approx 2.2 lbs Pull Force] Use this text to share information about your product.

  • These lifting magnets are designed to be compact, low weight, high strength and reliable with full adherence to industrial safety
  • Unique EPM technique using patented, all metal double magnet system to handle single steel plates while each magnet is configured with spring shock absorbers to flexibly adjust to the plate bendness
  • Intelligent current & impact Sensor integrated for equipment monitoring, utilisation and ROI reports, alerts for predictive maintenance, Inspection & Annual load test inspection reminders, Operations manual, all embedded in a rugged QR Tag
  • EPM needs electricity only during switching ON and OFF
  • Can be controlled by a single operator from a safe distance in support of 3-3-3 principle
  • No battery backup required
  • Over 95% saving of electricity as compared to conventional electromagnets
  • Supplied with fixed or telescopic spreader beam structure, plate lengths from 4 Mtr to 16 Mtr and from 5mm thickness onwards can be handled using a single fixed or telescopic spreader beam
  • Safety #1 - Will not turn OFF when load is hanging and spreader is in tension suspension due to incorporation of safety contact-less sensor
  • Safety #2 - Will not drop load upon sudden power outage or power failure
  • Safety #3 - Two button operation for activation | deactivation
  • Ideal  model for single steel plate handling from 4 Mtr to 16 Mtr from overhead or gantry cranes for shot blasting, CNC or fabrication


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