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Grinding, Electrical Discharge (EDM)

Magna EDGrind : Electropermanent Magnet Chuck for Grinding and EDM

Cost effective and long lasting solution for larger grinding & EDM tables where mechanical / manual permanent magnet chucks are unsuitable due...

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Double Sine : Biaxial Permanent Magnet Sine Table

Ideal for high accuracy grinding, EDM & angle measurement operations. This is suitable for high precision angle grinding on a grinding machine...

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Neo EDGrind: Micropitch Versatile Permanent Magnet Chuck

Steel and brass solidly pressed laminated top plate. Extremely low height for better job accommodation and easy disposal of grinding dust. Ma...

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ElectroFine - Fine Pole Electromagnet Chuck

Rigid steel / brass laminated top plate High resistance to coolant High mechanical rigidity and proven robustness 100% waterproof Suitable for dry...

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ElectroMicro - Microfine Pole Electromagnet Chuck

Ideal for thin components and for precision grinding. The low magnetic flux does not interfere with the grinding operation thereby  giving high...

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ElectroGrip - Universal Pole Electromagnet Chuck

Ideal for standard components and for precision grinding. The low magnetic flux does not interfere with the grinding operation thereby giving high...

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Single Sine : Uniaxial Permanent Magnet Sine Table

Flat type for a wide range of uses. Ideal for high accuracy grinding operations, and EDM operations. Measurement of Angle accuracy. A positive loc...

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