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Lifting single or multiple long or Short rigid steel loads, slabs, H beams, Tubes

EPML-SLAB - Electropermanent steel slab lifting magnet

EPML-Slab series employs the dynamic Electro Permanent magnet technology which generates a consistently powerful magnetic flux at a controlled dep...

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EPML-Plate Module - Electropermanent magnet steel plate lifting magnet modules

Essential building block for a best-selling product. Multiple units of this module combine to make the popular EPML-PLATE system for single plate ...

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Rectangular Module Electromaxlift

Powerful rectangular general purpose lifting electromagnet Available in Normal duty & Heavy-duty series, manufactured in monobloc casted const...

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EPML-Rectangular Module - Electropermanent rectangular lifting magnet module

Single units of these Lifting modules are combined to lift medium to long strictly rigid loads of billets, bars, beams, tubes and other solid load...

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EP-BATMAG - Crane operated Autonomous Battery Electropermanent Lifting Magnet

Battery powered Electro Permanent Magnetic Lifter for smaller flat & round sections, off-cuts and small plates from CNC plate cutting tables, ...

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EPML-TUBE Electropermanent Magnet 2-12 Meter long steel tube magnetic lifting system

ElectroPermanent Magnet Heavy Duty Tube Lifter Compact Modules (Single magnet modules can be added for added capacity to existing beam, if necessa...

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