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Lifting Magnets

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EPML-TUBE Electropermanent Magnet 2-12 Meter long steel tube magnetic lifting system

ElectroPermanent Magnet Heavy Duty Tube Lifter Compact Modules (Single magnet modules can be added for added capacity to existing beam, if necessa...

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Hand Lifter - Hand operated small steel plate lifting magnet

Easy grip powerful magnet with handle to carry loads not safe for bare hand carrying. Can lift/drag top sheet from stack for pulling out without a...

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Sheet Lifter : Crane operated steel sheet lifting magnet

Simple, easy, flexible, economical and very light weight. Can swivel 160° and lift sheets vertically and Horizontally. Optimum flux density effect...

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Mini Giant - Hand operated Handle Magnet model with actuating lever switch lifting magnet

Handle grip, ergonomic, convenient ON/OFF switch & safe lifting solution New two pole design for flat and round loads Lightweight at 4 Kgs a...

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EPML-SLAB - Electropermanent steel slab lifting magnet

EPML-Slab series employs the dynamic Electro Permanent magnet technology which generates a consistently powerful magnetic flux at a controlled dep...

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EPML-Rectangular Module - Electropermanent rectangular lifting magnet module

Single units of these Lifting modules are combined to lift medium to long strictly rigid loads of billets, bars, beams, tubes and other solid load...

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EPML-Plate/Tilt - Electropermanent magnet vertical steel plate lifting spreader magnet

Handles single steel plates upto 12-14 Mtr long in a vertical orientation, the main purpose of which is to conserve expensive space by stacking p...

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EPML-Plate Module - Electropermanent magnet steel plate lifting magnet modules

Essential building block for a best-selling product. Multiple units of this module combine to make the popular EPML-PLATE system for single plate ...

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EPML-Plate - Electropermanent Steel plate lifting spreader magnet system

These lifting magnets are designed to be compact, low weight, high strength and reliable with full adherence to industrial safety Unique EPM tech...

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EP-BATMAG - Crane operated Autonomous Battery Electropermanent Lifting Magnet

Battery powered Electro Permanent Magnetic Lifter for smaller flat & round sections, off-cuts and small plates from CNC plate cutting tables, ...

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EPML-BAT Plate - Battery operated Electropermanent magnet large steel plate lifting spreader magnet

All the features of the EPML PLATE except that this model is powered fully by  integrated batteries The power from 48 VDC to 220 VDC depending upo...

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Rectangular Module Electromaxlift - Powerful rectangular general purpose lifting electromagnet

Available in Normal duty & Heavy-duty series, manufactured in monobloc casted construction or fabricated welded construction depending on budg...

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Circular Module Electromaxlift- Powerful circular loose scrap lifting electromagnet

Easy & Speedy handling of scrap, cast iron, pig iron, broken steel. Available in Normal duty, Heavy-duty & Super-heavy-duty series Easy op...

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