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About Us

Year 2002 to Year 2018: Lifton Magnets Pte Ltd
  • Founding and Growth: The journey began in 2002 with the establishment of Lifton Magnets Pte Ltd. The company experienced significant growth, driven by a robust industrial landscape.
  • Global Financial Crisis: The financial downturn provided an opportunity for a strategic reorientation.
  • Corporate Overhaul: Lifton Magnets underwent a comprehensive transformation to align with new priorities.
Year 2018: Incorporation of Liftontech Supreme Pte Ltd, Supreme Magnets®, and Supreme Digital Solutions
  • Rebranding and Technological Focus: Lifton Magnets evolved into Supreme Magnets with a focus on integrating technology into magnetic systems.
  • Innovative Solutions: Emphasis was placed on using data acquisition tools and IoT sensors in magnetic products to gather performance data and develop predictive behaviors through machine learning.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Insights from interactions with thousands of customers worldwide highlighted the importance of monitoring critical assets, optimizing processes, and exploiting the latest wireless communication technologies through sensors.
Year 2019: The Quaint Magnet Shop (TQMS)
  • Unique Retail Concept: Supreme Magnets launched The Quaint Magnet Shop to cater to retail customers, researchers, students, and engineers seeking high-quality magnets for specialized applications.
  • Premium Supply Chain: Leveraging their distinctive supply chain, The QMS offers a wide range of high-grade magnets including rare-earth, ceramic, AlNiCo, and pot assembly magnets.
  • Global Reach and Fast Delivery: The shop stocks physical inventory in a modern warehouse, ensuring quick and reliable shipping to 224 countries through DHL or Singapore Post.
Supreme Magnets' Founding Principle:
  • Core Mission: To design and develop unique, practical, and affordable magnetic assembly products that solve material handling problems effectively.
Specialization Areas:
  • End-to-End Magnetic Product Assemblies: Focused on material handling, manipulation, movement, and impurity separation.
  • IIoT Technologies: Supreme Digital Solutions enhances customer service offerings with real-time asset location, status tracking, and critical equipment health monitoring through innovative sensors and cloud-based applications.
Corporate Philosophy and Customer Commitment:
  • Customer Satisfaction: Supreme Magnets operates on a sales-by-reference model, boasting over 97% customer satisfaction and maintaining close relationships with customers.
  • Employee Value: The company values its people, investing in their development and encouraging a customer-first approach.
  • Integrity and Trust: Supreme Magnets prides itself on its integrity, ensuring commitments are met or providing money-back guarantees if solutions do not work as promised.
Global Customer Family:
  • Diverse Industries: Serving a wide range of industries, including mold and die manufacturers, shipyards, material handlers, fabrication plants, and more.
  • Commitment to Excellence: The company prioritizes delivering effective solutions and maintaining high standards of customer service and trust.
  • Join Liftontech Supreme: Customers are invited to experience the company’s commitment to solving problems and ensuring satisfaction.
  • Customer Delight no matter what Cost: Supreme Magnets is committed to delivering on its promises by aiming for customer delight and maintaining high customer satisfaction levels.