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MAGPULSE : Year 2021 in Review (Published 20/12/2021) - The Quaint Magnet Shop

MAGPULSE : Year 2021 in Review (Published 20/12/2021)

News bulletin on super strong Magnets and Digitalization

Edition 5.0 January 2022

2021 has been an incredibly hard year for all. We know not of any one person who has remained unaffected directly or indirectly. Months have gone by without any face to face interaction with customers or friends and the PC has become our window to the world outside. While the world has become increasingly distributed, it has also remained connected by invisible threads greatly dependent on events and situations in other parts. A bottleneck in Suez Canal showed up how deeply interconnected the rest of the world is and how there are still points of failure which require delicate and skillful maneuvering at great risk of failure without any backup option .

While we are landing men on the moon and sending missions to mars, we are also terribly handicapped by an inanimate bug 80nm in size. Check out its relative size to other micro-organisms HERE

In our own world of contrasts, we bring you some updates from our tiny corner on magnets and digitalisation. In fact, quite a bit of updates for the year gone by, so please bear with us 😊.

Meantime, here's wishing you a happy and prosperous 2022!



Whether you are a large fabrication company, construction major, cleaning contractor, mining company or a shipyard with operations spread across a large area, and you own hundreds and thousands of physical assets, you will be surely be affected by missing assets or at least grappling with effectively managing themAnnual stock take is probably a nightmarish and painful activity when you have to write off expensive lost assets. You should talk to us.

After 3 years in stealth development, SDS' flagship EZTrak Enterprise Asset Management product is now ready for deployment in a simple, affordable, practical and cost-effective way

We solve the problem of asset management, tracking and reconciliation through a seamless integration of passive and active IoT sensor tags on critical assets into our built platform. We go beyond just dashboards and charts and additionally present you with quarterly reports of the status of your key assets. We can guarantee a 10-fold return on your investment. If there was a single product that lets you have complete control over your assets from consolidating everything that happens around your assets without depending on multiple sources for information (papers, files, excel, post-its etc) strewn all over the place, then EZTrak is your answer. Built by asset owners and distributors for asset owners and distributors.

Do yourself a favor and implement EZTrak in 2022 and at least get one worry out of the way.

EZTrak lets you integrate precise location, status updates, checklists, documents, alerts, warranties, critical events and every other relevant information concerning your physical assets in an intuitive, uncomplicated way. Check in for a DEMO here.



With 5000 assets and 20 users, our UAE based 3rd party lifting equipment certification customer is an active earlyvangelist of EZTrak which has allowed them to execute a subcontracted Saudi Government project successfully. The application requires the Saudi Govt inspectors to randomly check public lifting equipment for their certification status by scanning QR codes through the EZTrak platform.
While the ability to extract asset information by scanning QR codes and performing instant on-site status updates is a compelling capability, successfully tackling expiring certifications, equipment condition reporting, the flexibility to operate, its rapid deployability and low learning curve helps to save a lot of process time. Check out the feedback from our customer. Reach out to us if you need specific reference details.




Originally launched in 1989, The International Trade Council’s Go Global Awards celebrate organizations that drive the global economy through their innovations, technologies, and strategies.

Liftontech Supreme (LTS) received an honorable mention as a 2021 Go Global Top Placer in the Information Technology category for the earliest version of EZTrak. Currently on Ver 3.0, EZTrak has come a long way from its early days and still has quite a lot of enhancements planned in the pipeline.

The 2021 Go Global Awards received a total of 6416 entries from organizations in 178 countries. The program aims to build a community across the globe to support one another, share ideas, create partnerships and build on existing knowledge and connections.




EZTrak is proud to support UWL, a sponsored NGO engaged in ecological restoration work in West Bengal, India.

In a collaborative framework, EZTrak enables the field staff of UWL with a modern & semi-automatic data collection platform instead of the traditional pen/paper approach. This allows the staff to save backoffice time and instead concentrate on rich data accumulation on the field to help in subsequent BI with multi-variate regression analysis. EZTrak will be working to integrate climate and satellite image APIs and Soil and Lab data into the platform to expand the applicability for Agritech advisory.

SUPREME MAGNETS UPDATES                                      


Liftontech Supreme is now BizSafe L3 certified. Customers can be reassured that all work procedures and operating system in the company follows a safe, systematic, predictable and consistent rules-based process.



Large institutional buyers of custom raw magnets may be reassured to know that Supreme Magnets internally imposes a strict adherence to ISO 2859-1 standard by defining an AQL limit of 1.5% for major defects and 4.0% for minor defects under a General 1 Inspection level. This means that in a lot size of 25000 pieces of custom raw magnets, a random sample of 125 pieces will contain no more than 5 major and 10 minor defects with 0 critical defects. Our AQL General 1 inspection is based on normal severity single sampling plan.

This implies that our downstream customers can save process time by routing our magnets straight from inventory to production without need for any further raw material QA. We take care of that part for you.



Our erstwhile best-seller Turbo Max-Mill will now be rechristened as Magnaslot Max-Mill to conform to current standards of production. While it incorporates all the great features of its older cousin, the system incorporates the passive sensor QR tag to enable the users to access drawings, operating instructions, report feedback and contact the dealers/agents automatically thus giving customers a greater reassurance of close and active support on the product. Read more HERE



We built and moved many custom built magnet chucks in round and rectangular shapes for grinding, die-sinker and process machines for local and overseas customers. Look for us if you have any standard or special requests. Read more HERE.




This review from one of our many customers perhaps best exemplifies who we are as a company. Our staff personify us while we empower our staff to place customer service our top priority. This is what drives us everyday. Read more reviews HERE.



The best-selling Electropermanent magnet lifting system comes either in a fully assembled condition or a CKD joint venture condition with a few selected partners across the globe who construct the spreader beams based on our fabrication drawings. Usually such a JV operation results in a very positive outcome as the partner fully understands the control logic during site assembly and therefore future maintenance is a breeze. This project required handling of long and very thin sheets which beyond the purview of usual magnetic lifting systems and required construction of very shallow flux electropermanent magnet modules. Read more HERE.











Supreme Magnets are now able to supply 12 or 24 VDC, continuous duty, vacuum sealed, fully waterproof electro pot magnets in a variety of rectangular or round shape. Contact us for specific requirements. Read more HERE.



Operating business costs have relentlessly gone up over the last few years, compounded more in the recent pandemic years with manpower constraints, logistics costs, raw material scarcity creating tremendous bottlenecks and squeezing operating margins to the point that for many traditional businesses, there is no other choice but to revise pricing upwards. 

For business engaged in supply and distribution of rare earths and its assemblies, the last 3 years (2018 onwards) alone have witnessed a four-fold increase in prices! The reasons for that are just not pandemic related but the constraints resulting out of dependence nearly on a single source for material supply. There is pure market economics at play here with continually increasing demand and downward trend in supply growth. Furthermore, energy saving initiatives such as movement towards alternative sources of energy (wind power, efficient motors) will continue to stimulate consumption of rare earths. See the trend HERE.

With demand continuing to grow and supply continuing to reduce, the medium to long term trend indicates continuous price increase going forward. There is no current alternative unless supply is increased with more rare earth mines opening up for development in many other parts of the world. However, with rare earth mining being an environmentally degrading activity, there are also limitations on how many countries would be willing to develop their own mines.

The future therefore, for the rare earth industry looks set for a fundamental change in price structures in the medium to long term.


Liftontech Supreme Pte Ltd

Supreme Digital Solutions (SDS) and Supreme Magnets (SM) and Magpulse are composite trademarks of Liftontech Supreme Pte Ltd., incorporated in Singapore with a global footprint.

Supreme Magnets (SM) has a 20 year heritage of design, manufacture and distribution of customised precision magnets, innovative magnetic clamping, lifting and impurity separating products and solutions for all kinds of industrial work holding and ferrous handling and separation challenges having engaged in complex system supplies, installation and support, worldwide to more than 20 countries since 2002.

Supreme Digital Solutions (SDS) innovates in unique and practical sensor and physical asset based applications for digitalization initiatives in the manufacturing and process industries bringing more than 60 combined man years of deep knowledge and insights in industrial digitalization and IIoT applications and aims to empower the group customers with simple and practical IIoT solutions.

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