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MAGPULSE - Nov 2023 - The Quaint Magnet Shop of Supreme Magnets

MAGPULSE - Nov 2023

News bulletin on super strong Magnets and Digitalization

Edition 6.1 Nov 2023

Our revamped online store is now open! With a huge product inventory and a dedicated customer service team who are always ready to answer your queries, you are guaranteed a top-of-the-line experience when you shop for magnets at our site! Subscribe to our site for exclusive offers and promotions!
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When it comes to handling thin steel sheets, it is always advisable to distribute magnetic lifting points to eliminate sagging or bending of the sheets. We have covered this extensively in a blog post earlier but cannot overemphasize it enough.

If you intend to handle thin sheets with magnets, make sure that you plan to tackle the natural bendness of the sheets by using smaller capacities but adequately distributed lifting points. . This will help to enhance safety for the operations and protect manpower from accidents. One of the pictures shows how not to handle these sheets.



In recent times, Magnetic Gears have been making bold strides in the world of mechanical power transmission in various industries for specific applications; gradually replacing the conventional mechanical gears which are susceptible to wear and tear from friction and metal fatigue, and therefore breakdowns. Magnetic gears are fast emerging as go to solution for situations requiring noiseless operation with overload protection, specially in wind farms and EV technologies.

In magnetic gears, a set of powerful rare earth magnets in adjacent rotors provide an alternating magnetic field to transmit power frictionlessly and with without physical contact. This means they are not subjected to the same wear and tear as conventional gears, extending their lifespan and drastically reducing the need for maintenance. Magnetic gears are also immune to the heat generated by friction, which can often lead to breakdowns in traditional systems. This can significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of power transmission, particularly in large-scale industrial applications. Magnetic gears are also highly versatile, capable of transmitting torque in both parallel and perpendicular axes. This opens up exciting new possibilities for mechanical design and engineering.

There's no doubt that the future of mechanical power transmission lies in magnetic gears. As they continue to evolve and find new applications, we can expect to see a significant shift towards this groundbreaking technology.



 Separator rods

If the world's best Prawn Spring Rolls, already yummiliciously delicious, start tasting just that teeny weeny bit more irresistible, you may want to remember us for it 🤗 !!

These strange looking devices, separated by those carton boxes are nothing but our food grade 12000 Gauss (tested & verified) SuperNeo Magnet Rods. Separated by the carton boxes because should they accidentally join up, it will be near impossible to separate them. That's how strong they are!

Engineered to perfection, these magnets are designed to enhance the taste and freshness of your Spring Rolls by structurally optimizing the water molecules used in their preparation; besides extracting the tiniest iron impurity in the process.

It's all about the science of taste, and we're leading the culinary revolution!

Welcome to the future of food preparation, where technology meets gastronomy for an elevated dining experience.



Custom fabricated extra thick micropitch permanent magnet clamps or chucks as these are popularly known. The extra height allows for fixture mounting such as Erowa or System3R holders. A convenient option for manually actuating the magnet for flexible work holding.

This combination provides excellent holding power and ease of operation, making it a popular choice for many machining applications.



Where can you test Supreme Magnets' massive range of sintered and bonded magnets?

Where else but at The Quaint Magnet Shop! We don't call ourselves Quaint for nothing. With over 500 products to choose from our catalog and 450 models in stock with over 2,000,000 total stocked inventory, you could spend years simply browsing and testing our stock in our physical store. Arguably the largest warehouse and specialty store in Asia for magnets, we totally welcome customer visits to conduct experiments. We have tesla meters, carbon fiber digital verniers, digital balances, 25 Ton hydraulic load test machines, magnetic visualization films, and lots of steel plates for simulation and lab-level research support. Schools, polytechnics and college students are most welcome to try your experiments at The Quaint Magnet Shop! What's more, we'll get down to doing these with you.
Therefore, we are just a bit differentiated from other pure online retailers of magnets. Come and check us out for yourself.

What does this mean for you? With a fully equipped brick and mortar store and domain tech specialists at your disposal for pro-bono consulting, you get to try your ideas out first before you invest in magnets. Now, is that unbeatable or what 😇!

Where are we located? Here!


Liftontech Supreme Pte Ltd

Supreme Digital Solutions (SDS)Supreme Magnets (SM) and Mag Pulse are composite trademarks of Liftontech Supreme Pte Ltd., incorporated in Singapore with a global footprint.

Supreme Magnets (SM) has a 20 year heritage of design, manufacture and distribution of customized precision magnets, innovative magnetic clamping, lifting and impurity separating products and solutions for all kinds of industrial work holding and ferrous handling and separation challenges having engaged in complex system supplies, installation and support, worldwide to more than 20 countries since 2002. Supreme Digital Solutions (SDS) innovates in unique and practical sensor and physical asset based applications for digitalization initiatives in the manufacturing and process industries bringing more than 60 combined man years of deep knowledge and insights in industrial digitalization and IIoT applications and aims to empower the group customers with simple and practical IIoT solutions.

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