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MAGPULSE : Year 2022 In Review (Published 23/3/2023) - The Quaint Magnet Shop

MAGPULSE : Year 2022 In Review (Published 23/3/2023)

News bulletin on super strong Magnets and Digitalization

Edition 6.0 May 2023

2022 was a year of gradual release of pent-up demand bottled up in the previous 2 years.

Supreme Magnets saw good traction across the entire product range. We doubled our revenue; increased our customer base by 35%; saw a 30-70 mix between fully customized and standard constructions. We integrated IoT (Internet of Things) into several of our higher value productions; we opened our portfolio to offer the exciting bonded magnet range to support intricate shapes; we expanded our sintered magnet range to successfully offer high-temperature options; we sharpened our expertise by commissioning many food grade impurity separators; we also installed heavy duty separators for impact projects like land reclamation.

Quite exciting overall but still, ours is not a philosophy of unrestrained growth at all costs.

We are the 'Listen. Understand. Develop. Deliver. Delight. Repeat.' people. How boring is that?

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Season's greetings and the very best for the remainder of 2023!




Iron Impurity magnetic separation projects executed in 2022

The carousel here shows a double layered round grate magnet, magnet rods, gearbox magnetic separator, inclined drawer magnet, round flange double layer drawer magnet, overhead electro magnetic separator, ditch magnets - a small sample of the various products we developed in 2022.

There are standard constructions of magnetic impurity separators and then there are highly custom-built constructions. In the case of food industry applications, it is imperative that, to retrofit custom engineered solutions into new or older process machines, one must study the process workflow and design the best magnetic separation spots for maximum impact. Grate magnets of rectangular or round shapes, integrated drawer magnets with round or square flanges, Liquid trap magnets, and individual high-strength rod magnets are all popular options for food and chemical industry process plants. 

We developed a unique design of N Series Ditch magnets, used extensively in oil well drilling fluid recycling and are able to offer a lifetime manufacturing warranty on these, no limitations under regular use - manufactured exclusively in Singapore.

We designed, delivered, and commissioned a large, heavy-duty overhead conveyor separator for an impact land reclamation project that aims to discharge construction debris-free soil into the reclaimed zones. This overhead separator is equipped with a 4G-enabled vibration and temperature sensor to record periods of usage, alert on impact by large ferrous particles, monitor the body temperature of the equipment, and calculate Return on Assets (RoA) for the user.

What does this mean for you? If you are in charge of your production at a food or chemical process plant with existing equipment in need of a magnetic separator attachment, seek our retrofit design engineering service which aims to maximize the impurity extraction with minimum disruption by selecting the most optimal points. 



Sintered and Bonded magnet material delivered in 2022
Well, not really from outer space! The carousel here shows some of the wedge, arc, trapezium and oblate spheroid, half ring shape rare earth magnets we delivered in 2022. We are prepared to encounter even more complex geometries in the time to come.

Our meticulous internal AQL limits are 0% for critical and 1% for major defects based on the ISO 2859-1 standard, normal severity, single sampling plan. This implies that in a random sample of 125 pieces in a lot of 35000 pieces, 0 will exhibit critical defects and max 3 pieces will exhibit major defects else the entire lot is liable for rejection. 

What does this mean for you? This internal control relieves your own QA department from further raw magnet quality inspections and saves your valuable resources from incoming QC, allowing them to focus on the downstream instead. Our QC reports are available for the asking by our customers.




Lifting magnet projects executed in 2022 and more on the way
The carousel here shows a sample of multiple permanent magnet and electropermanent magnet projects undertaken in 2022.  Our highly popular electrically and mechanically actuated lifting magnets, several fitted with specially designed grippers while each of our higher value lifting magnets come equipped with a passive sensor QR tag for access to equipment records, certificates, manuals and much more. With over 180 pieces of physical equipment under management, this is a paperless initiative for a sustainable future without losing access to critical data.

What does this mean for you? Supreme Magnets' permanent magnet lifters are exclusively tagged with QR Codes which allow approved personnel to access the details with an easy passcode on smartphones. See a sample of what you can see here - anytime, anywhere all on your mobiles. Do you now see the advantage of the system?




We have a solution already! Now what was the problem? 😊

The images here show some of the hand-held grip magnets we designed and moved a lot of units including our popular Eagle Claw, Bear Claw and a specially designed hand gripper for underwater anchoring aids. 

If you desire to hold it in a certain way for a certain purpose, we should be able to fabricate it for you.



Permanent and electro-permanent clamping magnets take off in 2022

These images show the different models of standard and custom built permanent, electro and electro-permanent magnets which we built and delivered in 2022.  

The electro-permanent magnets are equipped with the QR feature to enable users with a passcode to download manuals and tooling techniques and tips directly on their smartphones, record incidents and assign followups, paperlessly, in a frictionless way



Where can you test Supreme Magnets' massive range of sintered and bonded magnets?

Where else but at The Quaint Magnet Shop! We don't call ourselves Quaint for nothing. With over 500 products to choose from our catalog and 450 models in stock with over 2,000,000 total stocked inventory, you could spend years simply browsing and testing our stock in our physical store. Arguably the largest warehouse and specialty store in Asia for magnets, we totally welcome customer visits to conduct experiments. We have tesla meters, carbon fiber digital verniers, digital balances, 25 Ton hydraulic load test machines, magnetic visualization films, and lots of steel plates for simulation and lab-level research support. Schools, polytechnics and college students are most welcome to try your experiments at The Quaint Magnet Shop! What's more, we'll get down to doing these with you.

Therefore, we are just a bit differentiated from other pure online retailers of magnets. Come and check us out for yourself.

What does this mean for you? With a fully equipped brick and mortar store and domain tech specialists at your disposal for pro-bono consulting, you get to try your ideas out first before you invest in magnets. Now, is that unbeatable or what 😇!

Where are we located? Here!


Liftontech Supreme Pte Ltd

Supreme Digital Solutions (SDS), Supreme Magnets (SM) and Mag Pulse are composite trademarks of Liftontech Supreme Pte Ltd., incorporated in Singapore with a global footprint.

Supreme Magnets (SM) has a 20 year heritage of design, manufacture and distribution of customized precision magnets, innovative magnetic clamping, lifting and impurity separating products and solutions for all kinds of industrial work holding and ferrous handling and separation challenges having engaged in complex system supplies, installation and support, worldwide to more than 20 countries since 2002. Supreme Digital Solutions (SDS) innovates in unique and practical sensor and physical asset based applications for digitalization initiatives in the manufacturing and process industries bringing more than 60 combined man years of deep knowledge and insights in industrial digitalization and IIoT applications and aims to empower the group customers with simple and practical IIoT solutions.
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