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MAGNA IM : Electropermanent Magnetic Quick Mold Clamping System

Abbreviations and Conventions used Storewide

All Dimensions are in Metric Scale (mm); Conventions and abbreviations used throughout the Store:

L : Length | OD : Outer Dia | ID : Inner Dia | W : Width | H : Height | T : Thickness (also Height) | CS : Countersunk | G : Gauss

The terms Force or Pull Force are used interchangeably throughout the store and refer to the maximum observable or tested force against a 10mm thick grinded finish mild steel plate. The pull force will depreciate with thinner plates or sheets. The Pull force or Force is expressed in lbs, Kg or N.

[10N (Newtons) = approx 1 Kg = approx 2.2 lbs Pull Force] Use this text to share information about your product.

  • The latest magnetic structure and outstanding magnetic circuit design achieve over 20% more magnetic force than conventional magnetic template designs.
  • Requires less than 3 minutes for a normal mold change in a general injection machine, and shortens the mold change time from 2 hours to 20 minutes or less for oversized molds.
  • Requires just a single operator for mold change and without the need for extra tools, greatly reducing labour cost intensity.
  • Magnetic force remains permanently after magnetization.
  • No spare parts required for template.
  • More than 90% time savings.
  • Over 95% power savings.
  • Magnetic force guarantee and ideal clamping on mold.
  • IP 67 waterproof.
  • Select this model if you're looking for a mold clamping system for 50-4000 Tons injection molding machines. 



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