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Bear Claw : Multipurpose Anchoring magnet

  • Compact & Lightweight anchoring magnet, with vertical clamping force from 300 to 500 Kg (on 20mm thick MS Plate). 
  • Excellent solution for subsurface holding and anchoring applications requiring more than 100 Kgs of vertical clamping force, underwater salvage usage, buoy markers, temporary anchors to a steel scaffold, additional anchor for divers;  bolster anchor for height & safety access for manpower.
  • Marine grade, with SS carabiner and eyebolt. Comes with a screw pin to assist in detaching by forcing an airgap.
  • This item is not to be used as a conventional lifting magnet.
  • The Max Pull is obtained on a grinded finish mild steel plate of at least 20mm thick.
  • A Supreme Magnets Innovation


Original price $190.00 - Original price $230.00
Original price
$190.00 - $230.00
Current price $190.00
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