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Strong Hand Adjust-O Magnet Squares Fitup and Welding Magnet Tools

  • Strongest grip in the market in its class.
  • Turn the magnet OFF during setup & ON when ready with a single switch.
  • Holds ferrous metal pieces at 45, 90, 30 & 60º.
  • Holds flat and round ferrous metal workpieces.
  • Precision machined flat and V faces.
  • Ideal for round, square tubing, angle and flat stock.
  • Invaluable for shipyards, fabrication shops and general workshops.
  • Optional accessory MXE13 for third-axis magnetic post.
  • Contact us if you are keen to know more about other welding fitup tools from the Strong Hand catalog but not yet available in the store.

Original price $37.00 - Original price $76.00
Original price
$37.00 - $76.00
Current price $37.00
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