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Precast Concrete M&E Recess Formwork

All Dimensions are in Metric Scale (mm); Conventions and abbreviations used throughout the Store:

L : Length | W : Width | H : Height | T : Thickness (also Height)

The terms Force or Pull Force are used interchangeably throughout the store and refer to the maximum observable or tested force against a 50mm thick grinded finish mild steel plate. The pull force will depreciate with thinner plates or sheets. The Pull force or Force is expressed in lbs, Kgs or N.

10N (Newtons) = approx. 1 Kg = approx 2.2 lbs Pull Force.

  • Steel trapezium magnetic formworks for M&E recess slots in precast concrete. 
  • Modular building blocks in customisable lengths and profiles of 1000mm onwards in a single formwork available.
  • Vertical clamping forces from 500 Kg to 2000 Kg depending on the dimensions.
  • Simply place on the steel platform at desired locations and create a uniform recess slot in the casted concrete.
  • A Supreme Magnets innovation
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