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Magna Tomb : Square pole Electropermanent Magnet Tombstone

  • Patented full steel Top surface.
  • High induction of magnetic flux.
  • High & uniform clamping power throughout the bed.
  • Variable magnetic power possible
  • Perfect safety in case of power failure.
  • 2 or 4 or multiple magnetic face.
  • Unobstructed movement of tools during machining as all five faces of the job can be machined in the same setting.
  • Drastically reduces the setup time and machining of the work pieces.
  • Total magnetic surface used for clamping giving better machining accuracy as reducing chattering.
  • 100% Leak Proof.
  • Clamping force for EPCUBE 50 ≥ 350 kg/ pole.
  • Clamping force for EPCUBE 75 ≥ 790 kg/ pole.
  • Select this model for milling operations on horizontal machining center.



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