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Magna EDGrind : Electropermanent Magnet Chuck for Grinding and EDM

  • Cost effective and long lasting solution for larger grinding & EDM tables where mechanical / manual permanent magnet chucks are unsuitable due to reliability issues.
  • Substantial electricity savings over medium to long term compared to regular Electro chucks.Same principle as the other members of the TURBO MAX family Electropermanent (EPM) technology.
  • Can be used for EDM or Grinding application.
  • No electricity required during actual operation.
  • Standard model now comes with an all metal top plate of Brass and Steel with a normal/ fine/microfine pitch. To specify the pitch upon order.
  • Variable power control to adjust magnetic force.
  • All sizes and types of jobs can be held securely and firmly.
  • No heat build-up, no deformation and mechanical components.
  • High accuracy during EDM & Grinding processes.


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