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Magna Double : Double Sided EPM Clamp For Large Plate Machining And Special Applications

All Dimensions are in Metric Scale (mm); Conventions and abbreviations used throughout the Store:

L : Length | W : Width | H : Height | T : Thickness (also Height)

The terms Force or Pull Force are used interchangeably throughout the store and refer to the maximum observable or tested force against a 50mm thick grinded finish mild steel plate. The pull force will depreciate with thinner plates or sheets. The Pull force or Force is expressed in lbs, Kgs or N.

10N (Newtons) = approx. 1 Kg = approx 2.2 lbs Pull Force.

  • A special variation of the Magna MaxMill.
  • Magnetic Power over 80 MT/SqM.
  • Energy saving design : Electricity is required only for ON/OFF.
  • Both primary faces are magnetic. The bottom face clamps to the steel platform or machine table. The top face clamps the job.
  • Quickest setup time for drilling, welding, or unique clamping applications.
  • Flexibility is maximum as the unit can be positioned anywhere on the table with ease.
  • Waterproof construction, can be designed for 110/220/440 VAC, 2-15 Amp.
  • Select this model if you need specialized EPM clamp for machining large plates


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