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Rectangular Module Electromaxlift - Powerful rectangular general purpose lifting electromagnet

  • Available in Normal duty & Heavy-duty series, manufactured in monobloc casted construction or fabricated welded construction depending on budget and application
  • Multiple modules are combined on a spreader beam to handle lengthy loads of 12 Mtrs or more
  • Configuration and alignment of poles will be determined by the load to be handled
  • Choice of Aluminium or Copper Conductor wound coil, special H/C insulation
  • Completely sealed with thermal conductive compound and protected terminal box
  • Operates on 220 Volts DC, Duty cycle available from 50% to 75%
  • Heavy duty control panel, power control and magnetism retention mechanism upon power failure with 15-20 minute battery backup
  • Ideal for easy & speedy handling of single or multiple steel plates, billets, rebar bundles, wire coils and coiled sheets and other high airgap loads in hot or cold operation

Table specs for EMLR-B' & EMLR-MP Models. Download the Datasheet for the full range



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