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Circular Electro Pot Flexilift Magnet

Circular Electro Flexi Pot Magnets Magnet

  • Widely used for drilling, tapping, and robotic fixturing
  • These magnets speed up the set-up process and allow for precise alignment
  • These magnets also have consistent clamping pressure across the entire surface
  • These magnets are available with fixed leads
  • Length of leads can be increased with connectors
  • Pulling power figures are under ideal conditions and represent maximum tensile strength
  • Widely used for parts transfer, positioning, clamping, and robotic applications
  • These magnets have a durable steel case and copper wound coil sealed in high temperature epoxy for years of maintenancefree operation
  • Available in 12/24VDC Continuous duty models

EFLC—Electro Flexi Lift Circular

Due to continuous upgradation in design there could be changes in specification. Other sizes on request. Before ordering, contact Supreme Magnets or your nearest dealer to confirm the suitability of this model for your application.


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