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Year 2002 : Incorporation of  Lifton Magnets Pte Ltd

The founders of Supreme Magnets had established and founded Lifton Magnets way back in 2002.

Comprising a core team of professionals and academicians with solid domain specialization in magnetics, electromagnetics, metallurgy, geology, product design and applied magnetic material science. 

The simple founding principle : To design and develop unique, practical and affordable magnetic assembly products that work well, last long and solve at least 80% of any company's material handling problems.

With the backing of over 100 combined years of Magnet assembly manufacturing, consulting and design experience, Lifton Magnets® saw a successful trajectory in providing product design, development, manufacturing and consultancy in the field of magnetic material handling and clamping applications.

With changing priorities and a much needed restructuring, Lifton Magnets was officially disbanded in October 2018 through a amicable mutual separation of the founding management. See here the Strike-Off notice.

Year 2018 : Incorporation of  Liftontech Supreme Pte Ltd, Supreme Magnets®  and Supreme Digital Solutions

After travelling the seven seas for almost 16 years, observing various cultures and traditions, watching the habits of the engineering workforce, quietly witnessing the adherence to and oftentimes the blatant flouting of safety norms, observing with absolute delight, the sheer innovation of some of the engineering workforce across geographies, learning from the process oriented systems of some of our own customers, emulating many of the best practices employed by some of our customers and partners, we came away far wiser and definitely more enlightened.

It was now time to elevate to the next level by exploring the incorporation of intelligence into the magnetic systems. While magnets themselves may not possess any intelligence per se, it was quite possible to incorporate some data acquisition tools embedded into some of the more critical products and obtain a machine learned algorithm of the product's magnetic behavior. 

The field experience gained from many of our customers' facilities, the need for monitoring critical assets, optimizing process flows, simplifying operating process, tracking assets,recent advances in wireless communication technology, enhanced radio protocols, wireless network bandwidths, all coalesced together to a need to focus on provision these technologies through a structured corporate makeover. 

Supreme Magnets specializes in the same application range of magnetic product assemblies for the Industry as Lifton Magnets - after all, it was the same founder behind both these companies. Supreme Magnets also honors all the commitments made to customers who purchased and installed Lifton Magnet equipment giving the customers a seamless experience while gradually migrating the support, new equipment and enhancements of capabilities under the aegis of Supreme Magnets.

Supreme Digital Solutions specializes in provisioning IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technologies of many of the same customers to enhance and extend the footprint of the service offerings. Services like Real-time Asset location and status retrieval and tracking, Real-time critical asset equipment health monitoring through provision of innovative sensors and cloud based applications.

Both Supreme Magnets and Supreme Digital Solutions are fully owned group logical divisions of a holding company structure Liftontech Supreme Pte Ltd.

Liftontech Supreme believes entirely in sales by reference and is proud to enjoy more than 99% customer satisfaction levels and maintains an unusually close working relationship with all its customers. Our motto is simple.

Customer Satisfaction through delivery of commitments - at any cost. No purchase manager will ever get faulted for choosing a Liftontech Supreme product. Come. Be a Liftontech Supreme customer and enjoy the difference.

Liftontech Supreme is a customer and people centric organization. We consider people to be valuable assets. We take pains to develop and maintain relationships be they our customers or staff.  We try to help our people to develop their career through sponsored education, experience, and opportunity. Our people respond adequately by placing the customer above everyone else. After all, its the smile on the faces of our people and our customers that make our day. Our customer family spans several continents and encompasses a wide spectrum of industries from mold & die manufacturers, shipyards, material handlers, fabrication plants, workshops, offshore engineering plants, job shops, recyclers, food products manufacturers, R&D institutes and educational establishments.  We have been told by so many of our customers that they find our company to be unique and different. If anything, our uniqueness may stem from our business approach itself. We would rather let a sale go than recommend a solution which is unlikely to work. And if we do recommend a solution and it doesn't seem to work as committed, we would do everything in our power, including losing money to re-build, re-design, re-work and re-install our solution. And since our commitment is our most valuable asset, you can be sure that when we have committed something, it will be delivered, No matter how. 

No wonder then, that many of our customers find us to be unique.

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