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Magna Radial : Radial Pole Electropermanent Magnet Round Chuck

  • Clamps ferromagnetic Rings on vertical and horizontal turning lathes.
  • Radially movable location blocks help to position and secure workpieces (bearing rings, thrust bearings, etc.); this is also necessary for clearance of the cutting tool or wheel.
  • Mobile Pole extensions ensure perfect clamping of irregular workpieces.
  • Perfect safety in case of power failure. No electricity is needed to keep the Magnetic chuck ON.
  • Ideal for Ring and round disc-shaped components of any diameter
  • Power from all poles is transferred to Rings / Plates held in concentric rings.
  • High resistance to coolant.
  • High mechanical rigidity and proven robustness.
  • High resistance to both Axial and Radial forces enabling application of Heavy cuts.
  • Select this model if you require versatility in high-power clamping for lathe applications for round, disc and ring-shaped components of 3000mm diameter and more.


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