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EPML-Plate Module - Electropermanent magnet steel plate lifting magnet modules

  • Essential building block for a best-selling product. Multiple units of this module combine to make the popular EPML-PLATE system for single plate handling
  • Ideal for crane fabricators to build your own white-labeled Electropermanent magnet lifting system for single steel plate handling
  • These lifting magnet modules are available in various safe lifting capacities of 300 Kg, 500Kg, 750Kg, 1000Kg, 1500Kg, 2000kg, 2500Kg
  • Compact, lightweight and waterproof, high strength and reliable with full adherence to industrial safety with 3 times Safety factor
  • Each module comes with its own hooking point, hanging pin, suspension spring and stopper plate
  • Single control system to control from 2 to 40 lifting modules of suitable capacity in each spreader
  • If you are a Crane supplier with your own fabrication capability, you can opt to build your own white-labeled Electropermanent lifting system for resale by integrating several units of this module into your spreader. We will share the relevant knowhow


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