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EPML-BAT Plate - Battery operated Electropermanent magnet large steel plate lifting spreader magnet

  • All the features of the EPML PLATE except that this model is powered fully by  integrated batteries
  • The power from 48 VDC to 220 VDC depending upon the capacity of the lifting system is supplied by a bank of maintenance free dry cells.
  • These lifting magnets are designed to be compact, low weight, high strength and reliable with full adherence to industrial safety
  • The major advantage of this range is its ability for outdoors & in open yards use where mains power source is unavailable or inconvenient to arrange
  • Unique EPM technique using double magnet system to handle single steel plates
  • EPM needs electricity only during switching magnet ON and OFF
  • Can be controlled by a single operator from at a safe distance
  • Over 95% saving of electricity as compared to conventional Electromagnets
  • Usually supplied with a fixed spreader beam structure
  • Plate lengths from 4 Mtr to 16 Mtr and from 5mm thickness onwards can be handled
  • Intelligent current & impact Sensor integrated for equipment monitoring, utilisation and ROI reports, alerts for predictive maintenance, Inspection & Annual load test inspection reminders, Operations manual, all embedded in a rugged QR Tag
  • Safety #1 - Will not turn OFF when load is hanging and spreader is in tension suspension due to incorporation of safety contact-less sensor
  • Safety #2 - Will not drop load upon sudden power outage or power failure
  • Safety #3 - Two button operation for OFF/ON
  • Each magnet is hanged from suspension spring dampeners to adjust to the bendness of plates
  • Select this model if you require single steel plate handling from 4 Mtr to 16 Mtr from mobile or crawler cranes in open yards where supply of main power is limited or unavailable


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