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Eagle Claw : Multipurpose Anchoring magnet

Price: $48.00 (USD)

  • Convenient anchoring solution for applications requiring between 100 Kgs to 160 Kgs of max vertical pull force. No power required and the unit can be released manually with a peel off action with the handle
  • Great tool for underwater repair divers, salvage operations. Most effective on steel plates of upto 12mm thickness
  • Galvanized steel handle, with Eye-bolt for easy anchoring
  • Comes in 2 capacities - EC100 - >100 Kg Max Pull | EC160 ~ 160 Kg Max Pull
  • This item is not to be used as a conventional lifting magnet
  • The Max Pull is obtained on a grinded finish mild steel plate of at least 20mm thick 

Max Pull


Handle Length

Handle Width Thickness Weight (gms) 
EC100  100/220  140 22  380 
EC160  160/350 200 30  750 






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