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Iron particle extracting powerful Hand held magnetic Separator

Price: $280.00 (USD)
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  • Featuring powerful deep penetration magnets in a stainless steel housing
  • Overall dimensions of standard model - 180mm L x 120mm W x 240mm H
  • Ideal for hand held impurity separation or small component lifting (upto 20 Kgs)
  • Very suitable for tool room or production operations and useful for lifting small steel components for downstream assembly
  • Ergonomic design and easy to separate lifted components or iron tramp particles
  • The powerful hand separator magnet is used in tool room for in-process fitting or assembly, iron part lifting in a batch, tramp iron collection, lifting and handling small components. Quick pick and discharge of steel and iron parts, handling of hot iron articles of upto 120°C. 
  • Discharge the components easily by simply lifting the lever handle                                         
Download : Hand Separator

Hand Separator Magnet

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