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MAGPULSE : BI-Monthly news ~ The year that was @ 2019 - Jan 2020

Quarterly News bulletin on super strong Magnets and Digitalization                                Edition  3.0 January 2020 

The Quaint Magnet Shop comes of Age!

First things first. All the individual customers who chose to subscribe to our online store, walk-in to our retail outlet, order through our portal partners (Lazada & Shopee) in 2019, a BIG THANK YOU! We'd like to call you out for your patronage, support and trust and we can't thank you enough. As a reciprocation, your name is etched forever in cyberspace and if we may have missed anyone inadvertently, let us know, we will include your name in our next edition.

Supreme Magnets

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Many of you are our regular customers and we pray for your tribe to grow exponentially.

Fork-lift and overhead Separator combo

 Since our initial construction of a fully Stainless permanent magnet separator with a easy tramp iron removal manual mechanism in January 2019 (see here), we were contracted to build a combo separator which could be mounted on a forklift. We also implemented an improved design which enhanced the suspension height to around 120mm.


Lightweight, yet powerful, this is a useful addition to any manufacturing yard which has a concern with picking up stray tramp iron like nails, sharp filings and other hazards.


The launch of Trak-iT Lite, our entry level digitalization product

We are absolutely delighted to announce the availability of Trak-iT Lite - a remarkable cloud-based Motion Wastage killer. Developed and launched by our Supreme Digital Solutions division, this product came out of our own internal requirement. We needed a system to track and update the status of thousands of our equipment all over the world, issue alerts based on dates and provide our customers an ability to reach us almost instantly.

Most physical and tangible asset manufacturers and distributors have factory automation or manufacturing systems which are at the foundation of the manufacturing process. However, many SMEs and equipmentAsset Monitoring distributors may not yet have an efficient way of capturing and recording the manual activity towards attending and maintaining those assets - either through their own or external field force. Oftentimes, the field staff would perform an action but the action itself is not effectively recorded. This is often procrastinated - later to be updated in excel back in office and most of the information may get forgotten by that time, including visual records, like pictures. 

Trak-iT Lite addresses exactly that gap - an ability for the field staff to access any asset information on the spot through a QR Code scan, take pictures, key in the activity performed, update the status, including Geo-location, right on the spot. The asset status is updated instantly and the data is stored in the cloud, to be exported to excel if required. The system can be enhanced to integrate with  Inventory and Field Service management systems (currently under development) though easy module add-ons. Download the Data Sheet here.

Supreme Magnets Magnaslot Max-Mill

Following the launch of Trak-iT, we are now able to equip most of our higher value products with a QR Tagged ID, including our immensely popular Milling magnetic chuck, the Magnaslot Max-Mill. While Trak-iT gives the ability to update static information, the next logical development is to incorporate sensors to track the health and performance of the asset.

Here, the Max-Mill is getting ready to take the pride of place in a customer's CNC machine in Vietnam.



Supreme Magnets Ditch Magnet

In 2019 we were blessed with several large and repeat contracts for constructing Ditch Magnets - both standard & easy cleaning type for the regional and global oil-well drilling operations. See our standard model construction here.

The standard model following our own unique design is virtually indestructible and the easy cleaning model allows a simple mechanism to clean the ditch magnet easily.  Shown here is the easy cleaning model heading overseas, to work tirelessly in an oil well.


Supreme Magnets Electropermanent Magnet Lifter


Electropermanent MagnetOur brilliant fabrication and joint venture partner in New Zealand commissioned a unit of manual rotatable magnet spreader beam for 12 Mtr channel and strip handling. The rotation ability allows slightly wider plates to be lifted with ease without compromising the inherent safety factor  of the spreader.

This has resulted in a substantial reduction of the cycle time of loading these strips to the CNC flame cut machine from 30 minutes to a few minutes with an increased safety quotient.





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