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MAGPULSE : Bi-Monthly news on super strong Magnets and Digitalisation - May 2019

Bi-Monthly News bulletin on super strong Magnets and Digitalization     Edition 2.0, May 2019


The Quaint Magnet Shop is now open for business!

Firstly, we take this opportunity to thank:

Philip Tan, Noah Berg, Mike Huddleston, Matt Leroyer, Giles Holtby, Chay Hon Kwong, Erny Rabanzo, Daniel Choong, Ahmad, Low, Janick, Carol, Masud, Lee, Eddie, Soif Noor, Sunnee Ng, Lim Pit Kong, Chen Juifan for buying magnets from us whether via our online store or walk-in.

You are the reason we exist. So, thank you!

We at Supreme Magnets decided to brand our retail store The Quaint Magnet Shop! 

Powerful Magnets

Why did we decide to call ourselves Quaint? Because we are! Actually we took inspiration from one of our customers who called us just that in an online review and we liked it so much because nothing could describe us better.


Quaint ( attractively unusual or old-fashioned.

"quaint country cottages"
synonyms: picturesquecharmingsweetattractive, pleasantly old-fashioned,


We think nothing of going all out to solve a customer problem if we are inspired, sometimes even if we lose money. We are crazy. We are nice. We play Jazz, Blues and Rock on different days of the week and we have themed Crazy Red Friday sales. Every last Friday of the month we hold deep discount sales (until stocks last). 

You really need to visit us to see how quaint we are!

Remember, if you are a purchase manager and you have an existing supplier of magnets, you will never get faulted for securing a better value for your organisation, whether in price or service. Check us out. Feel the difference and earn credit for yourself at your company.

There is only one name to remember.

Not just super, nor even superior, but Supreme Magnets! Watch out for our logos.

In case you are simply looking to choose off a long list of magnets online in a secured platform, Diana, our young virtual concierge is here to guide you!

Happy Shopping!

Large Dia Pipe Lifting goes handsoff

Pipe lifting magnetSupreme Magnets ships a large diameter pipe handling magnetic lifting beam to a global fabrication major in the middle east.

The EPML-P/T/2-10T system is capable of safely handling upto 10 Ton of steel pipe with wall thickness of 40mm and length of upto 12 meters.  Once produced correctly, no other system can be as cost-effective, safe and reliable as a magnetic handling system for pipe handling. Imagine handling this kind of material from a safe distance of 10 meters.

 Write to us for further details.


Often in the course of precision engineering and metal fabrication, especially those involving ferromagnetic materials such as iron or nickel, proximityApperture Demagnetizer to magnets or the nature of machining process introduces a phenomenon of temporary magnetism in materials.

Temporary magnetism usually confounds the shop floor and engineering managers as it may interfere with several downstream processing work such a welding or even removal of material from magnetic platforms. 


 There are several models of demagnetizers which are custom built to handle smaller components and production parts which are temporarily demagnetized during the production process. One such model is the Aperture Demagnetizer which was further custom built with a manual conveying system to move small parts through the aperture. A continuous duty model with an auto-cut off when the unit overheats during operation. For product details click here 

Read our blog article on a Demagnetization primer, which you will find useful to understand the basic how and why of it.

Bear Claw super clamp for marine applications


Powerful clamp

A handy T-bar multi-purpose gripper which can produce almost 400 Kgs of Pull on a 20mm grinded finish steel platform plate ships in volume for underwater salvage and repair operations. The bear-claw comes with a simple detach mechanism which can assist in release of the gripper.


For product details click here 

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