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Lifton Magnets ceases operations and Supreme Magnets takes over.

As the days have been growing shorter...

and the nights getting longer for a while already ( least in some parts of the world), we take this 'nick-of-time' opportunity to wish you and your family a warm and wonderful season's greetings especially in this festive Yuletide period. Merry white Christmas and a very Happy New 2019 to you and your loved ones!

In other parts of the world where snow is generated artificially in malls, an equally merry Christmas and New Year greetings for 2019 to you and your families. We know that almost all of you are tucked away, enjoying your much earned break from your work and probably enjoying the sunshine at a beach or building the snowman at your porch. You will probably read this message on your phone or after you are back from your break.

May 2019 bring you all the success and glory you have been hoping for.

Lifton Magnets® finally ceases operations 

June 2021 Update : See the ACRA striking off notification HERE

After travelling the seven seas for almost 16 years, observing various cultures and traditions, watching the habits of the engineering workforce, quietly witnessing the adherence to and oftentimes the blatant flouting of safety norms, observing with absolute delight, the sheer innovation of some of the engineering workforce across geographies, learning from the process oriented systems of some of our own customers, emulating many of the best practices employed by some of our customers and partners, we have come away far wiser and definitely more enlightened.

It is now time to elevate to the next level by exploring the incorporation of intelligence into the magnetic systems. While magnets themselves may not possess any intelligence per-se, it is quite possible to incorporate some data acquisition tools embedded into some of the more critical products and obtain a machine learned algorithm of the product's magnetic behavior. This is where the next area of innovation will come from and we certainly want to play a part in that. 

Our retail and engineered magnetic products will continue to shine as usual with several steps of improvement. We will offer a far better retail experience to our clients than before. Our store, while not projected to be a shopfront retail outlet, will still be a child friendly, pet friendly, lively and convivial experience for all our visitors.

We will also introduce digitalization solutions to our OEM and product manufacturing and distribution customers with innovative service management and Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that will provide predictive maintenance capabilities to the service teams of our customers. Process and manufacturing machines will now be capable of being tracked in real-time through cloud solutions and any irregular parameter such as elevated temperatures, abnormal start-stop sequences can set off alarms and activate service teams. Maintenance services can therefore be proactive rather than reactive and provide far greater levels of care and support for customers and vendors alike. We will be establishing a new division, Supreme Digital Solutions, to offer these innovations and provide value addition to our customers.

All these transformative exercises require a fresh injection of funds, investment, mergers and acquisitions. It was also high time to contemplate a re-branding exercise to overhaul and revamp Lifton Magnets to the next level. A platform where, suitably, under the Supreme brand, a fresh impetus to propel the company to continue to offer cost-effective and high value for money solutions.

Lifton Magnets® will cease and give way to Supreme Magnets®. Every raw magnet and magnetic assembly product will now be under the aegis of Supreme Magnets and the holding company for managing all these diverse operations will be Liftontech Supreme Pte Ltd. Your new ‘go-to’ stop for all things magnetic! Now, whenever you think of magnets, think Supreme Magnets.


Watch out for these logos.


So what does this mean for you, our customer and partner?

Nothing changes. It will be business as usual as always! Except that with the cease of operations of Lifton Magnets®, Supreme Magnets® will take over all the support, maintenance and after-sales service commitments of Lifton Magnets. All the key personnel, management and support staff of Lifton Magnets will be migrated over to Supreme Magnets. Supreme Magnets will now be your one-stop shop for engineering and material workholding, clamping and impurity separation solutions using magnets. There may be a need to revise the vendor registration details for certain customers amongst you to incorporate the new brand, company name change and banking details.

All outstanding receivables due to Lifton Magnets will still require to be collected and these will be actively followed up to close out the account.

All the other assets and liabilities of Lifton Magnets will now be migrated over to Supreme Magnets and after the due absorption of the same, it will really be business as usual.

A transformative retail experience coming up


Aside from arguably the largest stock of magnets in Asia, easily numbering over 10 million pieces, all easily available online through our Megamall Store, Supreme Magnets will present a unique retail experience for our regular walk-in customers too. A store-front where you may visit, bring your families, pets and relatives. Enjoy a coffee on us, play around with magnets, relax, lounge around and listen to music. None of these features will add to the price tag of the magnets, which will continue to be as affordable as always. Supreme quality does not always come at a hefty price!

We are hard at work designing and constructing our store and this will be ready for a grand opening sometime in January 2019. We will keep the rest of the plan a secret so that we can spring a surprise on you when we are ready!

Our price commitment to you


We will keep this simple.

There will always be some imitators and copycats who will steal ideas, concepts and hard work. While, as they say – “imitation is the best form of flattery”, we will strive to retain a benevolent approach to these attempts. We will leave it to you – our discerning customer and partner to make this easy distinction to establish the genuine creator of intellectual property.

To that end, here is our flat guarantee. If you show us proof of a  supplier offering you the same product by exact specification, at a lower price, we commit to better the same price by a further 5%, no questions asked.

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