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MAGPULSE : The New Normal with a slew of Innovations especially for you @ Aug 2020

Quarterly News bulletin on super strong Magnets and Digitalization ~ Edition 4.0 August 2020 


As Singapore turns 55 and after two plus years of extreme coding, hardware testing and application development and lately facing the Covid-19 pandemic head on, Supreme Digital Solutions is finally here! What a fitting moment for us!

Starting from an effective and semi-automated staff and visitor checkin process, supervising safe distancing at your work place, precise contact tracing in event of an emergency, location tracing of your organizational assets, remotely monitoring the status and health of your expensive physical assets and equipment. It's all been covered.

The New Normal. Working remotely, maintaining a physical distance, wearing masks, remotely maintaining and monitoring your assets, gradually reducing dependence on manpower, having information at your fingertips whenever and wherever. It's all possible now. Let us help you graduate towards these.

Simple, effective, extremely affordable digitalization solutions for the SME in transitioning to the New Normal. Installment plans available. Come, talk to us.




Supreme Digital Solutions product offerings. Transitioning to a New Normal.




Unattended, high accuracy infrared thermal temperature scanning with alerts. Safe-Entry integration with a complete Barcode solution now available.


Safe-distancing, contact tracing new tech IoT tags with real time precise location system for your physical in-factory assets. No more lost assets!



Kill needless motion wastage of updating your asset interactions in excel. Unique instant asset information retrieval and update system for any application scenario. Get the latest status of your assets on your smart phone.



Prescriptive health advisory for your critical assets 24x7. Time and frequency domain studies of your vibrating or rotating assets for a complete health picture. Monitor your critical infrastructure for environmental parameters.






Supreme Magnets' latest projects in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic.


EPM Lifting System

5 Ton Electropermanent magnet lifting system for large thin plate handling. Assembled in New Zealand by Baker Cranes.  


EPM Milling Clamp

A dual set of Supreme Max-Mills installed on a Makino F8 VMC in Korea. Implemented by a CNC bureau shop for Samsung Korea. 



 Liftontech Supreme Pte Ltd

 Supreme Digital Solutions (SDS) and Supreme Magnets (SM) and Magpulse are trademarks for Liftontech Supreme Pte Ltd., incorporated in Singapore with a global footprint.

Supreme Magnets (SM) has a 18 year heritage of design, manufacture and distribution of customised precision magnets, innovative magnetic clamping, lifting and impurity separating products and solutions for all kinds of industrial work holding and ferrous handling and separation challenges having engaged in complex system supplies, installation and support, worldwide to more than 20 countries since 2002.

Supreme Digital Solutions (SDS) innovates in unique and practical sensor and asset based applications for digitalization initiatives in the manufacturing and process industries bringing more than 60 combined man years of deep knowledge and insights in industrial digitalization and IIoT applications and aims to empower the group customers with simple and practical IIoT solutions.


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